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String theory helps explain modern happenings and events.

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The EARTH iron core WAR with EARTH surface people and the Carmen Ortiz secret IRON-56 atomic mass car codes: KIA and NISSAN

RD-blog-number-6141 by Herb Zinser reviews the Boston Marathon HUMAN RACE  bombing TRIAL database and the secret, biased English language manipulation by the people of Boston with the approval of the Department  of Justice.

The tragic signaling event ...

Boston Marathon bombing - Wikipedia,…

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Waco Texas cosine wave .... string theory agents VERSUS Europe rope theory ERRORS

Rd-blog-number-5809 by Herb Zinser looks  at  EARTH LANGUAGE   and Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE   code sequence revealed by Waco --> wa + co --> war codes.


Let's look at some other  blog posts that lay the foundation of thought.

After that, we shall look at the WORLD string theory WAR i…

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The Mia Farrow and Frank Sintra SIN WAVE equation intercepted and partially blocked by EVANS atomic physics

RD-blog-number-4482 by Herb Zinser looks at the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family and the Nikola Tesla oscillating wave families  and their human expression agents.


No Fear Shakespeare: As You Like It: Act 2, Scene 7, Page 6 › No Fear Shakespeare › As You Like It…

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Robert Franks and the Hierarchy Problem of physics RANK and FILE of atomic liver messengers

RD-blog-number by  Herb  Zinser  reviews the recent, year 2014 data provided by Michael Brown and Darren Wilson of Ferguson, Missouri.

The signaling EVENT .....

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The Norris Hall chain of DEATH for chain, rope, connect, and string theorists

Rd-blog-number-3673 by Herb Zinser

Let's look at empirical data EVENTS that have a common denominator related to string theory.  Thus we are interested in chains, links, connections, data  pipelines, ropes, strings, etc.   These events are important for the Theory of Everything (that exists on EART…

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The Nicole Brown Simpson data string for string theorists involved with the THEORY of Everything



Explaining Nature and its structure  is an important TASK.   Scientists, researchers, and theorists have done an amazing job in explaining many aspects of existence.  Their  efforts are   presented in basic college textbooks in math and sciences.

Often,  in this proces…

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String Theory ---> How to find and thread a needle in a haystack!



Symbolism - Medical Definition and More from Merriam-Webster
the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or 
by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible

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